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Zach Braff zachbraff
Hey @donald_faison I will no longer be needing your services...
8:22 am
Thursday, June 7, 2012
taken with Camera+ 3.0.2
on an Apple iPhone 4S
ISO 4004.3 mmƒ2.41/20s
  • Freeform
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  • Graham Hanson  Jun 7  

    That thumb should be pointing straight down and in line with the seam Mr braff!! : )

  • Niklas Siljemark  Jun 7  

    That's just amazing

  • Mr Anybody  Jun 7  

    OMG!!! that's an honor, seizes the moment Barak.

  • Lydia Doherty  Jun 7  

    Chocolate bear!

  • Paul  Jun 7  

    WHY ??? :D'

  • Ashley Lynch  Jun 7  

    Your life is way cooler than mine.

  • Wil Henderson  Jun 7  

    Hey! Whos the guy with Zach?

  • Becky Lambrou  Jun 7  

    Conzgrazzles, Monsieur Braff.

  • Daniel Parker  Jun 7  

    Turk will always be my brown bear lol

  • Sunita Tura  Jun 7  

    WOW!! Nice picture. X

  • Daniel Parker  Jun 7  

    Sorry chocolate bear lol

  • Amy Van Houcke  Jun 7  

    Do you think Barack Obama comes home after work and says: "Hey Michelle, guess who I just met today?! Totally Zach Braff, man, totally!"

  • Rakan Osamah Kadasah  Jun 7  

    You have to choose one black friend ... So who is it gonna be Donald or Barak #lol

  • BuddhaRocks  Jun 7  

    What a lucky, lucky guy... getting to meet someone who's made such a positive difference to America... hell, to the WORLD! President Obama, you lucky, lucky guy!

  • francisco hernandez  Jun 7  


  • David Richardson  Jun 7  


  • Gaëtan Nguyen  Jun 7  

    Well then.

  • Cameron Moore  Jun 7  

    Obama is a lucky, lucky man!

  • Dani Wakefield  Jun 7  

    i can't believe you're cheating on Turk!

  • Jessica Mill  Jun 7  

    How come you got to meet Obama? He is one handsome president!

  • Findthebluss  Jun 7  

    What Zach, you can only have one black friend? And you choose that guy?

  • Laura Olohan  Jun 7  

    Radiohead help with EVERYTHING! <3

  • Kari Larson  Jun 10  

    awesome w/awesome on top.

  • Hans W. von Wirth  Jun 13  

    You and donald look very cool in suits ;) :P Seriously, just having a handshake with him would be a blast for me.

  • Alex  Jul 7  

    Barak so lucky..

  • Alex  Jul 7  

    Barak so lucky)

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